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Stressors that Black women face in their lives result in adverse health outcomes - mentally, physically, & emotionally. 


Despite these stressors, & the obvious need for self-keeping, Black women rarely engage in practices that put themselves first. Black women, who are often the foundation of their communities & forced into the “Strong Black Woman” trope, are often given the messaging that taking care of themselves is selfish & individualistic.

The solution is to help Black Women become mindful about what rest & self-keeping means to them by providing intentional wellness resources to help them improve their daily overall emotional, mental, & physical health. The solution is a community wellness center. The solution is euleli.

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Euleli is a community wellness center for Black women in both virtual and soon to be physical spaces. Services include: intentional rest resources, a variety of baths, community spaces and more! 

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We believe in feeling and data. The need for euleli doesn't just come from our personal experiences. Historical and present data support the need for euleli to exist.

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Who We Do It For

euleli is unwavering in our commitment to serving Black women. Our goal is to create a safe community space with intentional resources that facilitate rest, promote mindfulness, and encourage liberation.

Into Us

When you pour into euleli you allow us to be able to pour back into our communities and ultimately the world at large.

There are many ways that you can help continue to propel euleli forward. We believe that this endeavor will come to fruition through the activation of our communities. We are so grateful for all of the initial support and can't wait to see what we can build together.

Extensive medical research

has shown conclusively that music can provide significant positive benefits.

  • ​It can reduce stress, by reducing the production of cortisol and increasing the release of stress reducing neurotransmitters. It can also reduce stress by reducing a patient's sense of isolation and helping them reconnect with positive places within themselves.  

  • It can help healthy circulation by reducing blood pressure and stabilizing the heart rate.  

  • It can strengthen the immune system by triggering the production of gamma globulin A and killer cells.  

  • It can help improve mood by increasing the production of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. 

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