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How You Can Help:


Many people have already poured into us, our vision, and euleli. For that, we are so grateful and would like to use this space to shout out those individuals. We speak about accomplices: the people who show their support through action no matter the risk. We appreciate you all more than we can express.

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Lee Kosmac

Sarah Koonin


Jordan Donohue

Mindy Williams-McElearney

Errol & Patrice King

Monetay Donations

Our Goal Is...

$20.1 Million


Donate Here:

Need more info? Here is the general breakdown:

Immediate Needs: ~$100K

Marketing: Videography, Photography, Advertising 

Events: Event Space, Rentals, Event Insurance, Event Staff, Decor, Deliveries, Catering, etc.

Business Admin: Legal, Filing, Admin Staff, etc.

Paying Ourselves

Overflow: 10% to Black Women Led Community Organization + Black Women Owned Businesses

Building & Business Costs: ~$10M

Building Lease





Construction Costs: ~$10M

1st Floor Construction Costs: ~$2.2M

2nd Floor Construction Costs: ~$2M

3rd Floor Construction Costs: ~$2M

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment: ~$1.5M

Contingency at 15%: ~$1.3M

Soft Costs: ~$1M

Share Our Story

Share the story of euleli

Tell a friend, share our fundraising page and social media accounts, shout euleli and our mission from the rooftops. We need each other to make euleli come to fruition.

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