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What We Provide

Euleli was created to make sure Black women are cognizant about their well-being and show up for ourselves. Our fundamental purpose is to ensure Black women are self-kind in order to balance out the stressors that contribute to the adverse health issues that are experienced at a disproportionate rate to other women.


Our core pillars are the freedom, love, and safety of Black women. Euleli plans to uphold our communities by sharing the message that Black women everywhere are deserving of whatever they need for their wellness and healing.


As Black women, we are able to listen to our communities about what they need from us and provide actionable steps to get us to where we need to be.

While we continue to progress towards a physical space for euleli, we realize the importance of doing work along the way.


We are currently building our virtual and in-person community through our events. We are pouring into our communities through sharing wellness resources and holding space for them to let us know what it is that they need.



Future Community Wellness Services/Spaces


Public Facing Cafe/Shop

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Member's Lounge


Member's Library


Member's Grow Room


Member's Flex Spaces

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In order to best show up for the people in your life you have to show up for yourself first. Euleli plans to offer individual holistic wellness through restorative waters and opportunities throughout the space for rest.

Future Individual Wellness Services/Spaces


Bath Suites


Luxury Showers


Rest Pods

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